IPv6 @ home

I probably have one of the most elaborate home-networking setups on the island; now I’ve just added global IPv6 addressing to the list… Networking is fun. Time-consuming, but the sense of achievement and the flexibility it provides makes it all worth-while. And when we started planning our home three years ago, connectivity was high on my list. I’m pretty sure few other local homes (if any) have dual CAT5e (gigabit-capable) + dual F-conn (Satellite grade) in every room, including the garage.

Anyway, I didn’t start writing to talk about the setup itself. In the past few weeks, we’ve been planning for an IPv6 seminar/demo/hands-on event on campus. As part of the planning, we’ve been playing around with various client and server scenarios; I’ve taken it upon myself to play around with Debian. So after more than a little twiddling with packages and their configs, I’ve set up a permanent IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel (courtesy of Hexago), and configured my home router (a Debian GNU/Linux box of course) to advertise that connection locally. So now all my machines at home (my WinXP desktop, Roberta’s Vista notebook, and our Debian media center) can be reached on IPv6…


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