Change of address

After 11 years with the same email address, the time has come for change…
I had been toying with the idea for quite a while. The volume of SPAM I was receiving had come to the point where if I didn’t read my mail every day, it would take me too long to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Yet even that didn’t convince me to shift.

You see, my address had just been there for too long. And so long ago, one did not feel obliged to avoid having the email advertised (with a mailto: link, nonetheless!) on the web. Not to mention the various mailing lists I was on (from hobbies, to social stuff, to work- or research-related). In short, I had come to realize that:

  • I was getting so much SPAM because my address was all over the net.
  • Because the address was known by all my contacts, I felt compelled to keep it.
  • If you haven’t gotten the drift yet, this is where you go back to step 1.

But then something else happened that finally shifted the balance. Recently the Faculty of ICT was formed at the University, and our department is moving from Engineering to the new Faculty. Therefore, I reasoned, my address is no longer what I should use. Add to that the SPAM, and the fact that the University insists that my official address is the one anyway… So since yesterday, I am no longer reading my old address. I’ve left an auto-reply warning for now, but I guess the sysadmin will soon take that off (as soon as he realizes the amount of auto-replies sent to the SPAMbots)…

Ah well, all good things come to an end. Then it’s the start of something better – today was the first time in many years when practically all mail in my inbox was actually addressed to me…


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