Strange happenings with Vista

On our home network, I keep all our data on a Samba server. With Vista, I took the plunge and started using Offline Files, which is great for laptops. When it works… The weird thing that sometimes happens is that every so often, a folder appears in duplicate – once with its real name, and once in the short 8.3 format. Samba uses a static mapping between the two, so that a particular long name always maps to the same short name. However, Vista (at least with offline files) seems to get confused sometimes. The solution is simple: make Samba behave the UNIX way – case sensitive, and no name mangling. After all, I’ve stopped supporting WfWG a long time ago… For the record, the necessary settings in smb.conf are:

case sensitive = yes
preserve case = yes
short preserve case = yes
mangled names = no
mangle case = no


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