Internet @last!

When you expect something to be straightforward, it always ends up being more complicated. Perhaps I should start expecting things to be complicated…
It sure would save all the bother. Guess what: the modem didn’t arrive on Fri as expected. In fact, I needed another couple of phone calls, one irate, the second more resigned, to get someone to agree to send the modem over. They never even ordered it, you see, never mind shipping it!

Well, at least the modem did get home yesterday, and setting it up was a piece of cake. The trouble started when I tried to move it to the phone point near the TV; it just wouldn’t connect to the net. In order:

  • Splitter wasn’t faulty
  • Phone point was dead
  • Tried switching pairs (2,5) with (3,4), still dead

In the end, I just left the modem near the phone, and hooked up a long network cable to the media center… Glad this is not my permanent home (there I have dual RJ45 points in each room, linked to the central switch panel).


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