Things to do in London

I have been blessed with a busy life, with a fair amount of travel, and not having to spend too long in the same place. But in life it’s all to easy to miss the simple pleasures, and take what one has for granted…
Moving around makes one realise (oh I’m quietly slipping into British spelling!) this quite acutely. There are always so many things I keep saying I’ll do while living in a particular place, but end up just not doing. Which is why I’m writing this list of things I want to do while in London. In no particular order:

  • Visit Hampton Court
  • Visit Leeds Castle, in Kent
  • Spend an afternoon at the Kew Gardens
  • Go again to the British Museum, with time to spare
  • Visit the great University towns of Oxford & Cambridge
  • See the 39 Steps, which appears to be in the vein of theater I really enjoy
  • Spend an afternoon in Guildford, just to take pictures
  • When summer comes, have a picnic in Hyde park
  • Go rambling in the Surrey hills
  • (Now you really won’t be expecting me to mention everything here, won’t you?)

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