Heavy Iron

For the past nine months or so that I’ve been working at the University of Surrey, I’ve doubtless done more programming than the past four years combined…

And thanks to my involvement in the EUMEDGRID project (due to Robert Sultana and Kevin Vella), my software was already grid-enabled. You see, we’re talking about software that has been in continuous development for over ten years; and though it was always meant to be parallel, there is huge difference between running things on a local cluster where one has complete administrative control (and autonomy) to working with other people’s machines.

Fortuitously, the Department I joined here had only recently been awarded a £250k SRIF grant, most of which ended up in the Tempest cluster pictured. This is a 120-node cluster of Xeon processors, running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Condor job handling system. I mostly keep it busy and warm running my simulations…


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