The Three Sisters

A highlight in my recent trip down under was a drive with my two uncles through the Blue Mountains. To say that it provides good photo opportunities is the understatement of the century…

I had a drive to the Blue Mountains planned with one uncle. As it turns out, a cousin of mine (that I had never met before) now lives in Bathurst, just beyond the Blue Mountains going north-west from Sydney. So two trips turned to one, and I spent a lovely day visiting family and enjoying the view along the way.

We stopped twice at Echo Point; the photo here was taken late morning. I have several shots from the late afternoon drive back, but sadly no panorama. In retrospect it may have been a good shot (though the contrast was greater). Anyway, this took some time to process, and I had to learn a new way to do things. Usually I use Photoshop’s panorama stitch facility, but since that’s all automated, if it doesn’t work well then it’s a mess. For this shot, which has a lot of similar-looking bush regions, I resorted to Hugin, which allows many manual adjustments.

The master is a 15Mpixel file, which I plan to print at 24″x10″. It doesn’t have as much energy as the Binġemma panorama, but recreates very well my memory of the place. Next time I’m down there, I must have enough time to go bush-walking with my uncle.

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