Our old Jukebox Zen NX

A long time ago I bought the Zen NX for Roberta (she actually had an MP3 player long before I did). She was ecstatic about it and really used it all the time. I showed her how to download music onto it using Creative’s player software, and that was that. Things changed when Vista came along…
There does seem to be a way to get the drivers to work with Vista. I went through the forum posts, tried my luck, and it did seem to work. With a snag. You have to transfer files one at a time. Which of course will not do on a 20Gb player! What this means of course is that if one cannot transfer files easily onto the player, one will not use said player.

So today I found some time to have a go at getting it to work with my Ubuntu laptop. I’ve read around that gnomad2 works great with this player, but for some reason could not get that to work. After a few mins troubleshooting I realised it was just a permissions problem. All I had to do was add my username to the audio group, logout/login to update the permissions, and bingo it worked!

Now I know that once I buy that Asus 901 for Rob, she can get to use the player again as easily as before.


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