Walks in the snow – part 1

The photographic club at the University is preparing for an exhibition that will happen in April next year; this exhibition will show pictures by different photographers, of different subjects and in different styles, but all taken with the same lens. This week it has been my turn…

The lens in question is an old Asahi Optical (Pentax) 50mm f/1.4 fixed focal-length lens, in my case with a Canon EF adapter. The whole point of using this lens is that everything has to be done manually – there is no autofocus, and the aperture has to be set manually as well. As for shutter speed, well that depends on the camera. I have been shooting in manual mode for some time now, so the only new thing really was the loss of auto-focus. It brought back memories of a very long time ago.

Well, anyway, given this week I had the lens and seeing how we have been hit by some snow recently, I decided to go out and find where any was still left for some wintry pics. With Rob unable to join me I had to make them short though. Perhaps in the coming weeks I’ll be able to repeat the experiment with some good company. So here’s the first in a series. These pics were taken on the 22nd in two locations: at Newlands Corner and near Pyrford, in Surrey.


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