Muddy walks

Earlier this month, we had an odd day of sunshine on the weekend, so I decided to make the most of this rarity and go for a walk. I had in mind to try and find the Romano-Celtic temple remains at Farley Heath. As it turned out, there were absolutely no signposts in the vicinity and I had insufficiently accurate coordinates (the site is not shown on the OS Explorer maps), so I never found it. Not that there would have been much to see. As often happens in archaeology, ‘remains’ in this case is just a euphemism for ‘a slightly more depressed ground area’. More details on the site can be found here.

The walk itself was enjoyable. Though it did not inspire much photography. Except for one detail. The day itself was sunny, but that only came after several days of rain. So you can imagine how most of walk looked; the effect on my boots is plain to see. A sign of a good walk?


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