Richmond Park

Several weeks ago, the University of Surrey’s Photographic Society organized an early morning trip to Richmond Park. It turned out to be perfect weather for this kind of thing. You know the drill: wake up too early for comfort, start the car with the trip computer reading -10°C, and a 45 min drive into London. In a short while I had taken more shots than I had since the new year; thankfully, with the rest of the society sharing pictures I had enough impetus to select a few good ones and upload to Flickr. Predictably though, it took much longer to process a chosen few. Well, finally here they are. I’ll be uploading these on Flickr as well: feel free to comment – that’s how we all learn to get them better next time.


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  1. […] the chance to take some shots with the 50mm as well. You see, I had recently printed a few of my Richmond Park shots, and was very disappointed. Of course I should have picked up the faults on screen at 100%, […]

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