Dinton Pastures

The weather may not always look like it, but we’re well into spring and summer is approaching. Last weekend the sun decided to make a welcome appearance, so on Sunday we went for a picnic and short walk to Dinton Pastures near Reading. My GPS decided to take a break, so we did not capture the track; I’d estimate the walk around 3-4 miles on clear level paths with very little mud. It makes a great venue for families, particularly with the wildlife that call the ponds their home and the leisurely walks.

While most of the park is dog-friendly, some areas are kept dog-free. The geese and ducks etc. know well where these are, rather unsurprisingly. One of these more secluded zones seems to be a bit of a nursery, and when we went there were many goslings being taken care of collectively by a number of adults. It was a good thing I happened to take my camera with me; cheesy though they may be, people never seem to tire of cute little animals. As we were leaving, what appeared to be a family came back from a swim. A rather touching scene evolved, as the little ones sheltered under the adult’s wings.


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