Strobist Test

Earlier this year I was introduced to an aspect of photography that I had for long wanted to get to grips with: lighting. More specifically, this started when Andy and Louis from the PhotoSoc showed the rest of us the wonders of using off-camera flash. Later that week, my climbing buddy lent me a book on photographic lighting. Following that I was hooked, and the only decision that needed to be made was what gear to go for. After much deliberation (more on this in another post), I settled for the Elinchrom D-Lite 4 it ‘to go’. These arrived this week, and as soon as I had some time in the evening I set up to test them all out.

Mortar and Pestle - Sidelit (5976)Mortar-and-Pestle---Backlit-(5980)The kit itself is superb – solid build throughout, and from what I can see so far, very stable performance. My only gripe is the lack of an off switch in the radio trigger. Sure, it powers off after 30 min of inactivity, but the on/test button is not quite recessed, and I’m certain the device would switch on by itself as soon as it hits anything else in the bag. Anyway, what you can see here are two very simple tests of a small object in two lighting configurations:

  1. Sidelit from high right with a single strobe, fitted with a 66 cm softbox.
  2. Backlit from high right with one strobe, fill in provided from the side high right with another strobe, each fitted with a 66 cm softbox.

Exposure was all manual, and the only processing done involves cropping and white balance setting.


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