Approaching Storms

The recent weather reminded me of this shot I took in the Lake District last year. If one goes to the lakes a sufficient number of times, one is bound to hit some bad weather. This particular trip was it for us – it rained practically every day, so after trying the walk-in-the-rain thing we decided we had to find some indoor activities. Not that walking in the rain isn’t exhilarating (though I know for a certainty that R does not agree), it’s perhaps fair to call it a day when even the waterproof trousers soak through. Anyway, I digress. While we were there the NT was restoring Wray castle in preparation for a public opening. Unusually, the NT decided to open the property as a work-in-progress – this was a great opportunity to the see some of the behind-the-scenes work that the NT regularly does.

The shot above is a composite of three exposures. At the time I did not have filters, so had to resort to blending instead. I did not carry a tripod on that outing either, so this was all hand-held. Other processing involves a curves layer for contrast adjustment and a warming filter.

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