Change of Perspective

Albury-Downs-(6324)Albury-Downs-(6321)Following a less-than-ideal trip to the Peak District, we returned to a very sunny Surrey. Rather than drive any significant distance, it seemed more sensible to go back to an often-visited place nearby, and take a different path to what it seems I always take. There are two rather pretty trees, looking out from Newlands Corner towards the Albury Downs, that seem to feature in every iconic photo I’ve seen of the place. The path I took allows a view from the other side, looking towards Newlands Corner. It was late afternoon, not exactly ideal conditions for photography, and as the intent was primarily the walk, I only had my camera with me; no filters, no tripod.

Albury-Downs-(6323)What attracted me to the scene were the empty fields, just a few weeks from the harvest. The field in front was already turned over, and the combination with the deep green of the trees (and the Boxwood in the distance) and the late afternoon sun made for very autumnal colours. I tried a few compositions, and am not quite sure which I like best. Probably the first above. Each photo is the result of a single manual exposure. Selective curves layers were used to correct for exposure and slightly increase contrast. As always, comments and suggestions welcome.


4 thoughts on “Change of Perspective

    1. Thanks! The area is quintessentially English, and popular with walkers, cyclers, etc.

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