Bodiam Castle

Bodiam-Castle-(6298)Bodiam-Castle-(6303)Earlier this month we had that one weekend of British summer, which we used to drive down to Kent, near Hastings, and visited Bodiam castle. It was too sunny and summery, but I still took my camera gear along. The top photo was taken in the early afternoon; I really wish I had taken it earlier, when the sunlight barely grazed the eastern wall. The lower photo was taken later in the afternoon, after waiting a while for people to clear out from the turrets and doorway. I would have composed this differently, with less foreground and more sky, if I was using a tilt-shift lens. In retrospect, I should have taken a photo with the camera tilted up anyway, and post-processed the perspective. Both were taken with the 17-40mm at its widest, but on an APS-C sensor that’s not much. I also took shots from the same spots with the lens on my film body, at a proper 17mm. We’ll see how those turn out when I develop the roll. As usual, both only have some selective curves layers for contrast and brightness adjustment.


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