Upgrade hiccups

I recently upgraded the last of my boxes (my work laptop) to Ubuntu 12.04LTS; this went as smoothly as the other upgrades, with nothing major to report other than a few dependencies to fix (mostly involving the removal of some :i386 packages). However, once I actually started using the machine again, something did bother me: the touchpad stopped working after login. I usually take a tiny wireless mouse with me anyway, so it took a while to notice.

As it turns out many have experienced this before, with much earlier upgrades. You see, I won’t upgrade a box unless I have to, which is why I like Ubuntu LTS. I hadn’t seen an upgrade since 10.04LTS came out. Anyway, to fix this problem the following solution worked for me:

  1. Pull up a terminal and run ‘xinput’ to get a list of device ids. Identify the one for the touchpad.
  2. Run the following command, replacing ’12’ with the right id for you:
xinput --set-prop 12 'Synaptics Off' 0

This seems to survive a logout, so hopefully won’t need to do this again.


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