Foro Romano e Palatino

It’s hard to choose favourites in a city like Rome, when every day brings its own surprises and every corner has something special. Still, the day we spent at the Foro Romano and the Palatino ranks right up there. It happened to be a very sunny day, with harsh shadows and a real need for sunscreen. But if old stones are your thing, then there’s hardly a better place.

The first photo (on the right) is the colonnade of the Tempio di Saturno in the Foro Romano at the start of the hill leading to the Campidoglio. I opted to keep the columns themselves in deep shadow, so it’s best to see this in full size (there is actually detail in the stonework).

The second (just below) is from within the Domus Augustana in the Palatino. The church that you can see in the distance (on the right hand side) is the Chiesa di S. Bonaventura. The tree standing alone was too striking to ignore.

Both photos were taken with the 17-40mm at its widest. Also in both cases, as tends to be with my photos, processing involved only some selective curves for contrast enhancement and global white balancing. In the Palatine Hill photo, I also had to adjust saturation, which is something I rarely do. This, I feel, is closer to what I saw (or remember).

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