Morning light

Lija-Door-Front-(5525)One morning in our last trip back to the old country I woke up early enough to try to re-shoot the belvedere tower in our home village in the morning light. Sadly the sky in the background was rather featureless and I didn’t get the shot I was hoping for. On the way back, however, I passed in front of this. I’m not sure if it was the light and the texture that made me try this, or the sense of humour (you see that mostly-peeled-off yellow notice just below the speed limit? that’s to prohibit throwing rubbish…). This place really needs some care and attention. As usual, processing involved some selective curves for contrast adjustment.


  1. […] Along the narrow streets I came across this door that has clearly been shut for a while. Sadly, many old properties on this island seem to remain disused for a long time. I took this photo not just for the door but also because of the way the light showed the weather-beaten limestone. I also clearly have something for old doors and weather-beaten façades. […]

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