Blue-(6447)Last weekend, following the side-lit pears, I played with backlit glass with a classic bright-field lighting setup. The subject of my experiments was a deep-blue glass jar that R had picked up not too long ago. The setup was the simplest I could think of: the strobe directly behind the subject, and at the same level, lighting up a rather large translucent diffuser. I left the barn doors fitted (and for some images, the grid as well), only to minimize stray reflections from the ceiling. The dark rim is provided with the first two darkish boxes I could find, placed just outside the field of view. The semi-reflective surface came in rather useful in providing a clear reflection with enough distortion to distinguish it as a reflection.


I also experimented with gels to see how the light gets affected. I quite like the effect of the yellow gel, where enough light passes through the glass to retain its form. Red, on the other hand, changed this almost to a silhouette.

The use of direct light through a diffuser screen means that the brightness on the background was far from uniform. This adds some interest, perhaps, but next time I try anything similar I’ll probably go for the softbox, either directly as background, or for lighting a screen.

Unlike my previous post, where the images were not retouched, here I had to use selective curves to balance the lighting somewhat. As always, comments welcome.


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