Guildford Snow

Guildford-Castle-(6490)Last weekend England saw an unusual quantity of snow, and the south-east was in quite a flurry. I’ve been told that people were panic-buying at the supermarkets on the Thursday, awaiting it seems a general freeze. I never quite get the level of worry people around here seem to have whenever a couple of inches of snow are forecast. Perhaps people just remember the winter a couple of years ago when everything seemed to stop. This time around the main roads were clean and gritted, so things were objectively safe. Except for the drivers of course. It’s clear they’re not used to it when you see people still insisting to drive at the speed limit.

Ah well. To avoid all that pain, on Sunday I decided to walk down to town (a couple miles or so) and visit the castle, with the objective of taking a few pics. Sadly the grounds were closed “due to adverse weather”, so this is as far as I could get. Well, actually this shot was on my way back, just after sunset.

I experimented with a few wide angle perspectives, but nothing quite seemed to work, so in the end I settled for this mildly telephoto view with my 50mm lens on the 30D. Postprocessing was very simple: some selective curves to enhance the contrast of the keep and brighten up the foreground a little. The hardest thing to get right was the white balance. The standard daylight setting resulted in a pink cast, which made for a rosy view, but not quite realistic. In the end I settled on balancing based on a reading of the sky, which felt neutral on the scene.


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