Pewley Down

Pewley Down. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The original plan was to visit the castle, but finding the grounds closed I decided to continue uphill to Pewley Down. I’ve had in mind to visit this place for some time, but never quite got around to it. I don’t often get to the town center, so once I step into the car I usually head to Newlands Corner instead. It was still snowing rather consistently, and with sunset (not that anyone could see the sun) approaching there were still many children with their parents and grandparents, excited to be able to use their sleds.

The view is to the south-east, looking towards Farthing Copse. Further east, with clearer skies, one should be able to see St Martha’s, I think. The photo was taken with the 50mm lens that I already had mounted on the 30D, so I had to go for a mildly telephoto composition. I tried to avoid getting people in the picture, which was not so easy. Postprocessing involved only the global application of curves for contrast enhancement; white balance was obtained by sampling the sky.


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