A Good Day for a Picnic

Newlands-Corner-(6890)The last couple of weeks we’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather down by these parts. Knowing what it’s been like for the past couple of years, I’m afraid in a few weeks we’ll just realise that was our summer. Whoosh! and it’s gone. Still, if there’s one thing you’ll learn from the Brits, it’s that you’d better make the most of weather like this. So last week, on another lovely day, R prepared a Mediterranean salad with some proper olives and feta to go with a few savoury bakes, and right after work we drove down to Newlands Corner for some quiet time in the sunshine. We both had our cameras with us of course, so once the food was finished, as the sun was getting ready to set, we took a few pics.

The photo above is probably my favourite view of the Albury downs; I’m sure it’s not just my own, as you get to see those two trees in most shots of the area. The image was taken with my 30D and the 17-40mm lens at its narrowest. Processing involved some selective curves for contrast adjustment. I also took a few shots with my Elan II on B&W film, but those will have to wait.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.


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