Little-Wix-Wood-(7081)Little-Wix-Wood-(7079)With spring arriving later than usual this year (or was that our summer?) I’ve been waiting for the bluebells to bloom for some time. The original plan was to travel rather further than usual, to the Ashridge Estate, but with rain in the forecast through the weekend, we decided to go closer to home. So it turns out that Hatchlands Park has a rather well-known piece of ancient woodland in Little Wix Wood that is certainly worth a visit. If the weather improves I may want to try again next week, but with the fickle nature of the British sunshine I didn’t want to risk it.

So while no photo can probably do it justice, here’s a couple to give you an idea. Both were taken with my 30D and 17-40mm lens. The first was taken at 17mm on a tripod so I could use a narrow aperture, while the second was taken handheld at 40mm. In both cases, processing involved the usual selective curves for contrast adjustment. Believe it or not, the green is untouched, but I did have to add a slight selective saturation increase on the flowers themselves to get the feel closer to what I remember.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.



  1. i was at hatchlands last week and stupidly said ‘I’ve left my camera in the car but don’t worry, the house is shut so there’s nothing to take pictures of’. when I got to the bluebell wood I wished I’d gone back for the camera 😦

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