Solitary Trees

Sentinel-(7225)A week ago I went for an afternoon walk in Black Down, West Sussex, in the steps of Tennyson. While I enjoyed the walk and the place, I did not come away with any pics I particularly liked. So when the opportunity presented itself this weekend, I was happy to drive back there for an evening walkabout with the express intention of taking some pictures. The company of Andy and Louis from the photographic society only made things more enjoyable.

We ambled around for a bit, exploring the place, and eventually started setting up tripods and finding interesting compositions as the sunset approached. The better-known viewpoints did not result in anything useful for me (did I say I need to upgrade my telephoto?), but the area we identified for the sunset did. It was ‘simply’ a matter of setting up the ND grad filter(s) and trying out a few compositions before committing to the one I’d be waiting for the sunset in.

The image was taken as a single exposure with my 30D and 17-40mm lens at its widest. A hard-edge ND filter (or two) was used to keep the sky in range; of course, nothing could hold the sun. Processing involved some flare cleanup and the usual selective curves for contrast adjustment.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.


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