Waiting for the Sunset

Waiting-(7233)I have been wondering which image to show next, with a few to choose from, and in the end decided to go with another from last weekend’s outing to Black Down. We arrived early enough to have time to scope the area, and when we had chosen a place, started setting up a fair bit before sunset. This gave us time to try out a few compositions, and personally found that I liked more than a few of these. What dictated the one I would choose for the sunset itself had more to do with what light would fall (or not) on the foreground than anything else. Earlier than that we still had late light touching the scrub by our feet. It was pleasant, in a way that only a poet could express.

The image was taken as a single exposure with my 30D and 17-40mm lens at its widest. As with my last image, a hard-edge ND filter (or two) was used to keep the sky in range, but not the sun. Processing involved the usual selective curves for contrast adjustment.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.


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