Slindon St Mary’s

Slindon St Mary's (7281-7283)

It promises to be a very sunny week, as it has been a very sunny weekend. That is great for lazing about (and having a siesta in the afternoon, ideally in the breeze under a tree), it’s not particularly good for photography. At least not the outside kind. It’s also not particularly conducive to walking in the countryside. So today’s photo is from a few weeks ago. We came across St Mary’s church in Slindon while R and I were walking in the area with my brother. It would never have occurred to me to check the door, but my brother informed us that they’re commonly open in the country. It was all very peaceful. I particularly liked the light filtering through the stained glass windows behind the altar, while most of the church remained rather subdued.

I only had the small tripod with me, which is not too great with vertically oriented shots. So the image was taken handheld, and is a composite of two exposures. The main shot was exposed for the church interior. A second shot was exposed for the stained glass windows. Processing involved the inevitable straightening and compositing, and some global curves to adjust the contrast.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.

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