Around Chawton

Two Trees (0045)

Lately I have been experimenting with new post-processing techniques. In some cases I’m rather happy with the increased flexibility, which help me get (closer) to the image in my head. In others, not so much. But more about the harder shots some other time. The image above is from yesterday’s walk around Chawton. If the name strikes no bell, you must realise this is pure Jane Austen country – undulating hills, tended fields, paddocks with livestock, small villages with beautiful houses and cottages, and the odd folly. The two trees were on the edge of a field, just by the path of a disused railway track (which we were walking along).

The image was taken handheld as a single exposure. Processing involved local contrast enhancement and various selective curves to adjust the contrast. I also had to add a warming filter to the sky to reduce the blue cast on the clouds.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.

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