Moor Wood

Moor Wood (0402)

I’m sure I mentioned last week that before visiting Chartwell, we went for a walk near Hever Castle, Kent. This follows the Eden Valley Walk from Hever to Hill Hoath Farm through the woods. Much of this track is the usual kind of woodland path, but a short section was rather more picturesque, and felt like it was cut through the rock. The light was also perfect for this kind of thing, with a bright overcast sky filtering through the leaves. There was a feeling of luminosity that you don’t always get in the woods.

This image was taken handheld as a single exposure. Processing involved some selective curves to increase the contrast and brighten the left-hand edge, which was in deeper shadow.

As always, I encourage you to click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.



  1. It would be a lot of fun to compile a list of locations like this, there are many old “green lanes” as we call them across the UK. I recall visiting one last year very close to the Dorset/Devon border and trying to recall where it was.

    • It would be, and in fact I wonder whether anyone’s done this already. Didn’t know they’re called green lanes.

      • It’s possible somebody might have done. A lot of them would have been old Drovers’ routes I guess or used as bridleways for horses.

      • Guess so. I could imagine a lonely rider or a small group going by. Also reminded me a lot of the passage in Fellowship of the Ring where the hobbits hide by the side of the rode as a black rider went by.

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