After the Harvest

After the Harvest (0435)

Recently we’ve found that we’re going further afield when looking for a suitable walk. I guess we’re slowly exhausting those nearer to home; when there’s the option to go somewhere new, why re-visit somewhere we’ve been? It’s the age-old dilemma of course, well-known to those who like to read for pleasure (i.e. do I re-read an old favorite or do I try my luck with something new?).

Anyway, a week ago we went for a very enjoyable (if longer than usual) walk around the fields and hills (by which I actually mean hills, not anything of significant height) of Hampshire. Again, the sky was not exactly ideal for landscape work, but as a recompense it was great for just being out and about in the country. The walk itself was quieter than usual, and we met few people. There was also a sense of completion as most of the fields were already harvested.

This image was taken handheld as a single exposure. Processing involved some selective curves to increase the contrast and control the sky and distant hills. As you can see, it was rather hazy. I could, of course, have compensated for this rather easily in a B&W conversion with a colour filter, but I felt that the range of colours in this image was an essential component.

As always, I encourage you to click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.



    • Thank you Mark, that is so kind! With the light not particularly exciting, this was trickier than usual. I found I had to think harder, which is not a bad thing!

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