Old Watcher on the Greensand Way

Old Watcher (0777)

I almost forgot to write something this week. Perhaps it doesn’t help that there were no countryside walks last weekend – too many things to catch up on, but then needs must. However, there’s plenty more in my to-process pile, and a few in the to-post-about. Still, in general I’d rather be walking. This week I also wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US. Enjoy the feast tomorrow with family and friends!

So today’s image is from a walk the weekend before last, near Westerham in Kent, right on the border with Surrey. The place where the photo was taken is on the Greensand Way in Crockhamhill common, close to Mariners Hill. It was just the perfect time for a walk like this, on a cool crisp day of an autumn well advanced. Much of the walk involved woodland paths, mostly with a distinct English character. The scene above is representative: colourful leaves covering the ground, various trees in different stages of undress, and a bright afternoon sun. I think the tree is a beech, but I’m no botanist and generally find it easier to recognize varieties of timber than varieties of the living thing.

At a technical level, the image was taken handheld as a single exposure. I debated setting up the tripod and using filters, but I have yet to buy soft grads, and in a scene like this my hard grads would not cut it. There was enough light so I went with a handheld shot but in retrospect I should have set up the tripod anyway. Images I take with the tripod always seem sharper. You can only tell when pixel peeping, but for large prints it would make a difference, so why not do it properly? Processing involved the usual selective curves to balance out the exposure and global curves for adjusting contrast.

As always, I encourage you to click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.


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