Ashford Hangers

Ashford Hangers (0668)

Some time ago I posted an experimental image showing a path in the woods with (intentional) vertical blurring. To say it was a departure from my usual style is an exercise in understatement. Still, I quite liked the effect myself, and was determined to try my hand again. There is something particular about these abstracts that can evoke (for me) the feeling of walking in the woods more strongly than your regular sharp landscape shot. Perhaps it’s simply that as I walk I seem to perceive the surroundings less distinctly, being more aware of patches of light breaking through the canopy and the sometimes indistinct form of the path in front.

Be that as it may, today I’m finally sharing an image taken several weeks ago in the same walk that took me to the Hangers Way. This time I decided to take in a wider view of a very enjoyable patch of woodland just a few hundred feet from a well-known viewpoint. I also wanted the forms of the trees to be more evident.

The image was taken handheld as a single exposure at a slow shutter speed. I keep meaning to try using a tripod for these shots, to leave only one degree of freedom of movement, but that has yet to be tried. I’ll probably need to machine some adapter to get me the effect I want anyway. It’s been a while since I processed this image, but from what I recall, processing involved only the usual selective curves to brighten up the foreground, balancing exposure with the sky, and global curves to set overall contrast. Everything else was in-camera.

As always, I encourage you to click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.



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