Red Beach Hut at Rye Harbour

Red Beach Hut (0342)

Today I’m going back to late summer with the only image I have processed yet from a walk near Rye Harbour. I didn’t think this would be the first from that set. Unfortunately most of the other images I am not entirely happy with as the specular highlights felt too harsh. This is possibly the first outing where a polarizer would have been more than “good to have”. I recall it was rather windy, as it tends to be by the south coast. Although it was summer and felt warm (for the UK), the light fleece came in handy. It even rained as soon as I was back in my car. Well, there’s the British summer for you.

I’m certain this particular hut has been photographed a million times. It just looks so good, and with the clouds and the blue sky it just felt perfect. The contrast is rather extreme, and it definitely felt so even then. In the full size image, the black-painted walls and white-painted door and windows just hold a bit of texture.

The image was taken handheld as a single exposure. Processing involved some minor cropping, the usual selective curves to balance the exposure and global curves to set overall contrast.

As always, I encourage you to click on the image for a larger version; comments welcome.


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