2013: A Photographic Retrospective

It seems to be quite a tradition, to present a selection (typically 10 or 12) of images from the year just completed. So for the first time, and for my first post of 2014, I’m looking back on what happened to be a year where (I feel) my photography has taken a definite step forward. You get what you put into something, so this comes as no surprise, and no small amount of satisfaction.

Now it’s hard for anyone to select the ‘best’ images; for the creator it’s even worse, as each comes with its own history and memories. Still, this is a good exercise that helps one realise what has been achieved, and more importantly re-learn those lessons on what has worked and what has not (quite). Jim Goldstein said it well.

So, in summary, here’s my selection of 12 images from 2013, in random order. I have restricted myself to those images I have shared on my blog in 2013. Some of these may have been shot earlier, and further images shot in 2013 may be shared eventually. Should you want to see all qualifying images, I have kept these as a set on flickr.

Rather than sticking to the ‘best’, which I find hard to define (technically best, artistically best, etc), I have gone for those that I have the strongest feelings about. As expected, it was not an easy choice. Many more favourites remain, and some of the selection below I’ll want to try again. I have also tried to avoid choosing more than one image from a given set.

I hope you enjoy this selection. For each image, you can click on the image for a larger version (highly recommended), or the link below for the original blog post where the image appeared.


  1. […] It’s that time of year again, when everyone is looking back at the year that’s about to end, and reflecting on what has happened. For many photographers, it’s also the time to prepare a selection of favourite photos from the year and submit it to Jim Goldstein’s annual project. For myself, it’s the third time I’m doing this: you can also see my earlier selections for 2014 and 2013. […]

  2. […] Every year I intend to get started earlier on my usual retrospective, with limited success. I suppose any step in the right direction is a good thing though, and I am publishing this a week before I did last year. So there you go. As usual, this selection of photos is prompted by Jim Goldstein’s annual project, in my case for the fourth time. You can see my earlier selections for 2015, 2014, and 2013. […]

  3. […] Every year I choose twelve photos published on this blog that year, as a retrospective, prompted by Jim Goldstein’s annual project. Ideally I’d like to do this after the year is finished, to make sure I consider every photo up to the end of the year. But the submission is usually open from mid-December to just after the new year starts, which means the selection has to happen now, so here we are. You can also see my earlier selections for 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013. […]

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