Newark Priory


I was hoping I’d be able to keep posting at least an image a week this year. Clearly it did not take long for me to rescind that plan. Part of the reason is the generally miserable weather we’ve had here in the south-east since Christmas. I’ve only been on one walk so far, and while the walk itself was enjoyable the photography was not so great. So I find myself looking back at those photos from last year that never made it here, and there are at least a few that are worth sharing.

Today’s photo is from last year’s second experiment with B&W film. I was determined not to go to any particular lengths to fin subjects, and to finish the roll quickly, so inevitably I gravitated to places I already knew close by. The remains of Newark priory near Pyrford, Surrey is one of those places I’ve been to several times. It helps there’s good walking in the vicinity, and for something so close it also feels so remote. That is due in part to the stretch of B road one needs to navigate to get close. The ruins themselves, however, are on private ground, so this is as close as one can get without trespassing.

The image itself was taken handheld as a single exposure. Film used was Kodak TMX 100, on my Elan II at about 40mm (I think). Development was normal in Rodinal. It’s been a while so I’m not 100% sure what processing steps I took in post; I recall using selective curves to ‘burn in’ the sky a bit. Otherwise I think that was it.

As always, please click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome.


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