Whispers of Spring

Snowdrops (1053)

It should be some time away, but then we’ve had what must be classified as a mild winter so far. No snow, and hardly any frost down here. Lots of rain though. I’d rather have the cold, but maybe that’s just me. The reason I bring this up is because nature around us seems to think it’s close to springtime already. Snowdrops are out, and in various places daffodils too. Today’s photo is from a visit to Nymans Garden last weekend. I saw on their twitter feed that snowdrops were spotted, so I made sure to be on the look out. I also took my macro lens with me, as I knew I’d want to use it there, and it clearly served its purpose.

The photo was taken handheld as a single exposure. This was rather trickier than I’m used to, particularly as the wind picked up. In the end I found a cluster of snowdrops in a more sheltered area, and waited for the wind to die down. Using live view made the low point of view much more comfortable, and made it easier for me to focus manually. In post, I cropped the frame a little to exclude an unsightly green branch on the left. As with my last post, I went with the 5:4 aspect ratio, which seemed to work well given the exclusion I wanted. With this lens I did not apply Canon’s DLO as there was no need. Did I say this lens is really sharp, even wide open? I did not expect this, but I’m liking this lens a lot. Other than that, I only did a global curves layer to minimally adjust contrast, and that was it. In retrospect, I wish I had my gray target with me to adjust for light temperature. With flowers I feel I never get it right without that.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.



    • Hi Risto, thanks for stopping by! I have a Canon system, and this particular lens was their 100mm f/2.8L macro. From what I read though, the non-L is just as sharp, but does not have the stabiliser.

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