Chrysanthemum (0415)

Last week, as I prepared a few photos for printing, I found myself looking back at last year’s pictures, and found a few that I had meant to process but never got around to. I took this particular photo last September at Chartwell. It was an overcast day, which makes for rather dull landscapes but provides fantastic light for detail shots. Now I was silly enough to forget taking note of the exact kind of flower I was taking a picture of. I think it’s a chrysanthemum, but then I’m no botanist. Or gardener, for that matter. If any of my readers know better, do let me know! [Addendum: a reader kindly identified this as a dahlia; see comments below for further details.]

I took this photo handheld as a single exposure. I had not bought the macro lens yet, so this was using the 24-105mm lens at its longest end and widest aperture, getting as close to the flower as the lens would allow. Processing was rather simple: just the usual selective curves layer to balance the exposure and a global curves layer to fine-tune the contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.



      • Dahlia flower buds and flowers face side ways and mum face up.
        Dahlia leaves and stem have higher water contain, easy to break. Dahlia leave colour is lighter green and shiner/glossier than mum’s. Whole plant of mum has strong scent when you rub or break the leaf or tissue.

      • Thank you for explaining! I wish I knew more about flowers and trees. There are only very few that I can reliably recognise. And of course I’ll need to update my blog post!

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