Bolder Mere

Bolder Mere (1125)

My Lee Big Stopper arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I had been itching to try it out. It’s been in my kit bag ever since, and last weekend the opportunity finally came. I was out on a walk with a photographer friend, south of Cobham and onto Ockham common. We kept going until we reached Bolder mere, just south of the A3. It’s rather odd how a place of such scientific importance (and seeming wildness) touches a busy A-road.

I decided to try a long exposure composition with the sunlit reeds in front, the trees at the far end of the pond, and the clouds passing by above. I took a few shots, but liked this one best as the sun decided to light up the reeds during the exposure.

The photo is a single exposure, tripod mounted of course, with a grad filter to bring down the sky’s exposure, and the Big Stopper for the long exposure. White balance was set by taking a reading off a gray card using the Big Stopper with daylight strobes. Post processing involved selective curves to brighten up the trees and a global curves layer for minor global contrast adjustment.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.


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