Tourist Sighs

Tourist Sighs (1162)

Another image from last week’s visit to Oxford, and my take on a very-often-photographed location. There are always some tourists in the area, and not only did we visit on a beautiful weekend, but there were also graduation ceremonies happening that day. So if I say this place was busy, it’s an understatement.

As I did with the Museum of Natural History, I set up on a tripod with a strong ND filter for a long exposure. This blurs the tourists to indistinction. With the number of tourists actually present, it still allows enough of them to show to give a feel for the busyness of the place. I also used a polarizing filter to improve contrast and saturation. I shot with a wide angle, and in post I corrected for perspective and applied the usual curves layers to adjust contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.



    • Hi Dan, thanks for stopping by! May I ask why your wide angle doesn’t take filters? I’ve only recently started doing daytime long exposures myself – they’re a lot of fun 🙂

      • Ah I see; that’s a seriously wide angle lens! No wonder the front element protrudes. Have you tried hand-holding ND grads in front of the lens? I realize it’s not ideal, but with a tripod-mounted camera and a remote release it can be workable.

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