Night Sky

Night Sky (1421)

One of the pleasures of camping is being out in the countryside much later (or earlier) than one normally would. Distance from built up areas means less light pollution, and if it’s cold, it probably means clearer skies.

This is the view that greeted us after dinner as we sat by the campfire enjoying the peace of an early spring night, with Jupiter dominating the south-western sky. It promised to be a cold night (just below freezing) but sadly the clouds rolled soon after I took this photo. It did clear up again later in the night, but by that time I was catching what sleep I could.

I took the photo as a single exposure, with the camera tripod-mounted (of course!), set at a high ISO, large aperture, and long exposure. This is just about as long as one can afford to avoid star trails, at the wide (17mm) angle I was shooting. Still, at full resolution one can see the small trails clearly. So much for the “500 rule”. In post I used a colour layer to balance somewhat for the city lights reflecting off the clouds, and the usual selective curves layers to balance contrast.

This is an image where you really need to click to see the larger version. Comments welcome, as always.



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