Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee (1434)

Morning cannot really start before the obligatory coffee. And after a cold night, there’s little better than a hot cup by the campfire. Just because one is camping doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy a decent coffee. Or two. This was actually our second cup. Sure, it’s not the same as that made with a high-pressure machine. But if it’s good enough for the Italians, it’s good enough for me. And the surroundings also help…

I’m told the best way to make coffee with an Italian moka is as follows. Start by pouring water in the boiler. With the funnel in place, put the ground coffee in, and tamp it down well. Screw on the coffee collector, and put on the heat. When the water boils, it will be forced up into the collector, going through the ground coffee under pressure. Take off the heat, give the coffee a stir, and pour. It’s important to have coffee that is ground sufficiently fine, or the water will run through too quickly.

I took the photo handheld as a single exposure. No post-processing was necessary.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.


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  1. […] Last year I also took an opportunity to go camping with my younger brother. We had not done anything remotely similar since travelling with our parents as kids. We also chose a rather cold day to do so, as the temperature dropped below freezing overnight and we woke up to a very frosty morning. Good thing I asked him to get his coffee maker with him, and good thing he insisted on a site that had campfire facilities. Breakfast that day was unbelievably enjoyable. […]

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