Floating in a Sea of Violet

Bluebells (1773)

There are photos that one goes to a lot of effort to get. Others seem to take no effort at all. And there’s no saying which will prove better. Sometimes it’s those that take least effort that strike the deepest chord. This is one such example.

I was away for a week and on my return I found that spring is in full force. The bluebells are out already, and on yesterday’s walk I came across many examples. It seems I chose well: I went on a walk around Shipley in West Sussex. A great choice for a fine day, as the walk is mostly in the open, but also passes by (or through) various patches of ancient woodland at the edges of farms. About half-way through the walk I came across a particularly dense patch and had to take a few photos. Thankfully I had my macro lens with me, so decided to take a few macro shots as well. I think I like this one best. The shaft of light on the grass and flowers in the background were special.

I took the photo handheld as a single exposure. Focusing was tricky, and I think in the end I adjusted manually. The light breeze was lovely, but did not help. Perhaps, in retrospect, I should have taken the time to set up the tripod and to things more formally. In post I did little: slight cropping and just the usual curves layers to adjust exposure and contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.



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