Empty Tombs

Empty Tombs (1644)
Empty Tombs. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I don’t generally write or post on Sundays, but today I wanted to wish you all the best for Easter. This weekend I got started with the recent images from Malta, so here’s the first from that series. This is a secondary entrance to the underground complex of catacombs of St Paul’s in Rabat, Malta. Earlier that day we visited a couple other Heritage Malta sites in the area, and after a long lunch I barely made it in time before the site closed for the day.

The catacombs are an extensive Christian burial site from the Roman period. Though perhaps not as big as their counterparts in Rome (or outside Rome, rather), I still get the creepy feeling that I could get lost in there all too easily.

I took the photo handheld as a single exposure. With the light level really low, I had to bump up the ISO significantly to avoid motion blur. We’re lucky enough these days that ISO 6400 is actually usable on modern cameras. Post processing involved the usual selective curves layers to balance exposure.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always. Meanwhile, I wish you all l-Għid it-tajjeb!


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