Nobody Home

Nobody Home (1661)

Another photo from the same visit to Malta last month. One morning I wanted to try again to take a photo of the belvedere tower and the village church, recreating one I had taken some 15 years ago on film. It did not work out as well as I’d hoped, so I continued through the adjacent public gardens and on to the old village church (i.e. the one that was built in the late middle ages, rather than the new one dedicated in 1782).

Along the narrow streets I came across this door that has clearly been shut for a while. Sadly, many old properties on this island seem to remain disused for a long time. I took this photo not just for the door but also because of the way the light showed the weather-beaten limestone. I also clearly have something for old doors and weather-beaten façades.

Shortly after I took this I visited the old church, which happened to be open as it was being prepared for a religious event on the day after. One of the women helping out with the preparations told me she saw me taking that photo and thought I was some guy from MEPA (the Malta Environment & Planning Authority). I can see how that could happen.

I took this photo handheld as a single exposure. Post processing was minimal, just the usual curves layers for a slight contrast adjustment.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.


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