The Sound of Running Water

The Sound of Running Water (1532)

You may have realized that recently I’ve been playing with long exposures. Now that generally means one of two things: clouds, or running water. When I took this photo the sky was not particularly interesting, so water it had to be. I had been to Winkworth arboretum several times before, but every time I go I still find somewhere new to explore and something new to shoot. This photo is of the brook starting at Rowe’s Flash; there is something about the sound of running water that just feels so peaceful and reassuring. It must trigger something deep in our genetic memory.

To take this photo I set up the tripod at the edge of the water and composed. I used a small aperture to keep everything in focus, set up the filters, and tried a few exposures. While I was taking the photo, a few rather excited kids came running around in the mud, and seemed to be having a good time. I’m sure they didn’t realise they were stepping into the frame – I guess the idea that a photo is a short frozen moment is so ingrained in the popular psyche that it would just not occur that an exposure could take several minutes. I was not fussed. Worst case I could take the photo again. Most likely the quick movements would just not show up.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.


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