Light on the Valley Floor

Light on the Valley Floor (1463)

I have just realized that the last photos I have processed are from about a month ago, which means I need to find some time to work on those I took since then. However, there’s still a few from earlier outings that I want to share, and with some luck they won’t run out before I get to process more.

This particular photo has been on my “to share” list for a long time. I took this near Wilmington, East Sussex, on a walk near the long man after a night camping not too far away. The weather was spectacular, and I took the chance to experiment with my telephoto zoom lens for landscape detail shots. This was, I think, my favourite view, with a shaft of light coming through between the clouds to illuminate the valley floor. I still have a bunch of other photos from this camping trip that I need to process. Ho-hum.

Sadly, I was generally not too happy with the results of my experiments. This is the one lens I am yet to upgrade, and I hope these experiences will help me understand what exactly I’m looking for. The biggest problem I had, I think, was the combination of flare and lack of resolving detail. This is not surprising for an inexpensive and old (I bought this in 1998) consumer-grade lens. I corrected what I could in post, and the result is decent enough for web use. I don’t think I’ll be printing any of these though.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.


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