Road to Knepp Castle

Road to Knepp Castle (1745)

Today’s photo is from a walk I did in mid-April near Shipley, West Sussex. This was the same walk where I came upon the bluebells and the lovely church I already wrote about. Soon after the walk starts, one passes by Knepp Castle; not the medieval remains that seemingly remain hidden from view throughout, but the castellated mansion of more recent times.

As I was walking through the estate I came across this old tree just by the path that leads to the mansion. I set up my tripod and fitted a graduated ND filter to balance the exposure from the sky. I think I considered using the polarizer but I can’t remember if I did use it or not. I took a series of shots, and in the end chose this one with the couple making their way towards the path. I met them later, when they asked me whether there was a way to get to the ruins. Sadly I did not, and could not see any path on the OS maps either.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.


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