Flowers in Ceramic Bottles

Flowers in Ceramic Bottles (1501)

A focal point at Winkworth arboretum is the boat house on Rowe’s Flash. I’m certain that almost everyone who visits the arboretum will have gone inside at some point, though I guess it will usually be to look over the water from the balcony. Fun as that may be, it is likely to limit any attention one will give to the interior of the boat house. I saw these cut flowers in their vases on a small shelf, and I liked the way the light fell on them.

It was rather dark inside, and I did not want to use the tripod to avoid getting in other people’s way. So I set the camera to a higher than usual ISO setting, and made good use of my lens’s image stabilizer. Post processing was minimal, just a slight adjustment to exposure and contrast using a curves layer.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, as always.



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