Climbing in the Evening Sun

Climbing in the Evening Sun (1719)

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this photo for some time. When we visited Malta in April, I looked up the local climbing club to find out what facilities were available and generally get to know some of the people there. I was told there was only a small wall, which proved to be as tiny as rumour had it. But I soon found out why this was not in fact a problem at all. What with the climate being mild most of the year (and hot throughout summer), and lots of places having been bolted up in the last few years, Malta is quite the climbing destination. Just watch the official promotional video from the tourist authority to get an idea.

So after the session at the wall I met the guys again (and several others) where they were climbing at crucifix cave just a couple of days later. Unfortunately I was pressed for time, so I only took my camera with me. It’s a friendly group, that is keen to promote the sport to the locals and the location to the international climbing community. They seem to be joined very often by a number of foreigners from various countries; some on short visits and others who stay on the island for longer. Now this particular place is just the other side of the hill from where we call home. And in any case, it’s a small island. I can quickly get used to this, and have a feeling this is about to become my new playground.

I took the photo handheld as a single exposure. Processing was minimal: just a couple of selective curves layers to balance the exposure and adjust contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.

P.S. I wish to thank Simon Alden for helping me get in touch with the climbers in the photo, and the climbers themselves for their permission to share this!



  1. Nice that they’re so welcoming to outsiders – and great they now have bolted climbs there. I’ve always fancied Malta since some of my friends moved there 🙂

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