Spring Sun and Tree

Spring Sun and Tree (2080)

These last few weeks have been rather hectic, with the move back to Malta proceeding in stages, and a lot of loose ends to tie at work. So my updates on the blog have slowed down. At this point I have a ton of photos waiting to be processed, but that can only happen once we’re settled. In any case, most of these will be of the personal-memory kind, not what I usually share on this blog.

Today I’m sharing another photo from the walk near Tichborne earlier this year. It was a very sunny afternoon, and I really wanted to capture something of the feel of the British summer. Yes, it does exist! You never know when it will happen, but you generally do get a few weeks of warmth and sunshine, particularly here in the south-east. And when they do come, they’re glorious. It tends to be warm, but not so hot as to be debilitating, bright, but without the glare of the Mediterranean sun. And this year was particularly special, as everywhere was more luxuriantly green than I can remember, probably because of all the rain we had this winter.

In any case, I came across this tree as I was walking on a path across the fields. It was a rather large oak, though probably not too old. As I looked back I saw the bright backlit leaves and the sun high above, and I decided to make this photo. I set up on a tripod, with a wide-angle lens and a combination of filters: an ND grad to balance the brightness in a sky a little, and a polarizer to reduce glare, enhancing the colour of the sky and foliage. I also used a small aperture to emphasize the starburst.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.


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